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A blend of pureed chickpeas and tahini sauce, flavoured with lemon juice and olive oil.
Grilled eggplant pureed with tahini sauce, flavoured with yogurt and olive oil.
Baba Ghannouge
BBQ’d eggplant, tomato, green pepper, garlic, parsley, pomegranate sauce and olive oil.
Green kasha
Homemade yogurt dip.  Garlic, olive oil, cracked wheat and mint.
Spicy dip of roasted pepper, olives oil ,walnut and parsley.
Stuffed Grape Leaves
Stuffed with rice, tomato, onion, and parsley flavoured with spices, cooked with lemon juice & olive oil.
Kibbah neea
Cracked wheat, raw beef, olive oil red pepper and onion.
Spinach Tarator
Fresh spinach blended with homemade yogurt and garlic.
Foul Madames
Fava beans, garlic, jalapeño, lemon juice, and olive oil.
A crispy shell of cracked wheat, stuffed with ground meat, onion, pine nuts, and spices.
Pumpkin Kibbah
Two layers of ground pumpkin, cracked wheat, seasoned with a center of pine nuts, walnuts, onions and spices. Served with yogurt.
Pastry pies stuffed with( meat, chicken, cheese, zatir, vegetable, sausage)
*Can be prepared with  phyllo pastry, puff pastry or flour dough.
Grounded chick peas with vegetable, and spices. Shaped into tasty balls and deep fried
Spicy Potato
Potatoes cooked with olive oil, garlic, red peppers, spices and green chilli.
Kallaj Bil Jibneh
Halloumi cheese baked on pita bread topped with dry mint.
Lady Finger
Phyllo pastry filled with chicken and cheese.

The perfect start. Phyllo pastry stuffed with (Spanish and feta cheese, potato and beef, chicken with supreme sauce or vegetable)

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