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      • Name: Moon

      • date; June /1//2020

      • Subject: Best Service

      • Message: Recently I ordered Chicken Mandi with Chicken Burger and Fries. It was the best taste on Eid day. Looking to order more and definitely I recommend more people to buy Food from Chef Abode as it is best in town.

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      • Name: Stephanie MacLaren

      • date: April 7, 2020

      • Subject: Fresh and tasty

      • Message: I ordered the Shish Tawook plate and Baklava for dessert. Everything was fresh tasting and full of flavor. I especially liked the salad dressing which was refreshing and perfect on the greens. Also, the Baklava was as tasty as it was beautiful. I would like to thank you for the wonderful food which makes these challenging times a bit better. We are lucky to have you in the community!

      • Tanya Boutilier

      • Aug 11, 2016

      • I almost cried last night when I went to go to one of my favorite middle eastern restaurants and it was closed but you know what they say "when one door closes another opens!" . i just happened to be driving up Kempt Rd today and did a double take as I had never seen the sign before and decided what the heck...I'm SO happy I did! Great selection for me being a vegetarian, I ordered the platter so I could try a little of everything and absolutely amazing! I think I just found my new favorite restaurant for middle eastern cuisine!!!

      • Sarah Trower

      • May 17, 2016

      • We've used Chef Abod catering for several work events over the past few months for gatherings of between 20-125 people and it has always been fantastic! Always so accommodating, helping us reach our price point and accommodating (sometimes LOTS) of dietary restrictions, and there is always more than enough food! Can't say enough good things about Chef Abod, really went out of their way to meet our needs and serves the most delicious food! Thank you!

      • Name ; Lynn Hanley

      • Subject; Great food

      • Message I ate at your restaurant this evening with my family. Really superb food and lovely presentation and tastes. I wish you the very best in your business and I hope its a great success. We will be there again. My son and family have eaten there 3 times recently so we will be back. I moved from Toronto so am used to the competition in middle Eastern food but your food was outstanding and amongst the best I have eaten

      • Sent on: 9 September, 2016

      • Thank you!

      •  Monica

      • Subject Best Chicken Shawarma ever!

      • Message I have driven by your restaurant at least ten times and said to myself that I need to stop in one day. I am so glad I did today. The whole meal (salad, rice, chicken, hummus)... everything was delicious!

    • Sent on: 13 March, 2016

    • Thank you!



    • Subject my favorite restaurant in Halifax

    • Message Chef Abod is hands down the best Syrian restaurant in the city.The food is always perfect in every way...everyone who works there is polite and welcoming, including the chef...It is an all around perfect place to eat middle eastern...Do yourself a favor and don't hesitate any, don't walk to Abod's. they also bake beautiful deserts. Thank you chef Abod.

  • Sent on: 20 February, 2016

  • Carol Edwards

  • October 16 2015, at 6:33pm · 

  • 5 starThe Chicken Shawarma is nothing short of sensational. I love chicken and Chef Abod's flavors will have you dreaming about it. I've eaten Chicken Shawarma from a number of places, but Chef Abod, you're absolutely number one!


  •      Fred

  • 17 September, 2015

    • Subject amazing

    • Message This place has to be one of the greatest, hidden gems in the city. The food at the cafe is so unbelievably good, that we had them cater out wedding. Over the top every time. I have eaten there often and never been disappointed. If you haven't tried it yet, you are seriously missing out. Thank you to Chef Abod and all the staff for pleasing the palate every time. I'll certainly be seeing you soon

  • thank you!

Philippe Isler

10 September, 2014

I've been to Chef Abod's twice now, for lunch. I never knew it existed until a month ago. The lamb Mandi - amazing! The food is good and the prices low, for that level of quality. The waiter is friendly, helpful, and great at his job. I will be a regular!


15 August, 2014

We had lunch there today and it was AMAZING!!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Dola AuCoin

22 June, 2014

Chef Abod's has it ALL !!!

WONDERFUL food served by a gracious and personable waiter in a totally relaxing atmosphere. Perfection . Thank you .


11 September 2013

Thanks so much for having so many delicious gluten-free offerings - even moussaka! Your food is excellent and I will definitely be back and spread the word to friends!


25 July 2013

It is the first choice for all Arabic people. Always, when my family come to Canada I chose Chef Abod to bring the food from.


03 June 2013

Thank you for preparing this amazing food.all my guests ask me about the food it was awesome.

Stella Chiasson

23 March 2013

took a friend over for brunch today, we were there for quite awhile enjoying great food and a long chat since we hadn't seen each other for was a nice relaxing atmosphere, we weren't rushed, the music is very nice and soothing....great experience.

Stella Chiasson

22 March 2013

Was there for the first time Thursday and very much enjoyed my lunch experience, going back on Saturday to try something else on the menu and introducing the restaurant to another friend of mine...

M Fairn

21 March 2013

Had another great meal! Great food, good service! So many great, flavourful choices here that I will have to make more trips to Hfx.

Dr. Amer (PhD) and Mrs. Amer

28 February 2013

Hi, We just wanted to say "it was one of the best dinners we ever had". Most interestingly, we never expected to get an Arab flavor in Halifax, however Chef Abode made it possible. Compliments for your efforts and best wishes for a good future.


05 February 2013


Mike Huxley

23 November 2012

I have been to the restaurant a few times I have to say I was nothing but impressed. I have tried a few dishes including the Milk pudding which is a must try. Keep it up Chef Abod. I have taken many friends and recommended many more to attend. Mike


June 28, 2012

Good food!

JJ Crotty

June 11, 2012

I just wanted to let you know that a couple weeks ago, I had your Iskender Kebab, and it was incredible. Definitely the best thing I had eaten in a long time. I will no doubt be back often! Thanks.


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