Non-Alcohol Wine

  • A fresh and fruity alternative for those who love wine but prefer to do without the alcohol (750 ml) $20


Near Beer

  • Non-alcoholic beer (330 ml) $5


Organic Sparkling Juice

  • Paul Brassac’s organic sparkling juice is free from added sugars, gluten-free, and is made from concentrate in France (750 ml) $10


Chef’s Surprise

  • A indulgent blend of guava, mango, and orange juice. $7


Ayran (Yogurt Drink)

  • Ayran (or Laban) is a cold yogurt beverage mixed with water and salt. Refreshing! $3.50



  • Three scoops of ice cream blended with milk and your choice of flavouring! Choose from strawberry, mango, vanilla, or chocolate. $7


Soft Drinks: 

  • Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, 7-Up Orange Crush, Perrier, or Nestea. $2.50



  • Mango, guava, orange, or apple. $4.50


Some Like it Hot!

  • Drip Coffee $2.25

  • Turkish Coffee $2.75

  • French Coffee $3

  • Orange Pekoe Tea $3

  • Earl Grey Tea $3

  • Green Tea $3

  • Peppermint Tea $3

  • Chamomile Tea $3

  • Rosemary Tea (Chef’s Favourite!) $3



Basbousa (2)

  • Delicious homemade squares made of almond, coconut, and vanilla. $4


Baklava (2) (Vegan)

  • Rich, sweet pastry made of phyllo layers and filled with nuts. $4



  • Famous cream pastry with a topping of baked noodles. Warmed to perfection and drizzled with a sweet syrup! $5


Om Ali

  • An exotic Egyptian dessert made of puff-pastry, milk, nuts, and coconut. $5


Double Chocolate Cake

  • A decadent chocolate cake topped with Nutella icing. $5



  • A delicious and creamy cheesecake. $7


Basbousa Cream Cake

  • A deliciously soft almond and coconut cake with a homemade cream on top, sprinkled with pistachios. $5


  • A lovely aromatic milk pudding made with almond and coconut. $5


Chef’s Dessert Platter    

  • Variety of traditional desserts (baklava, basbousa, konafa). $12.99


 Chef’s Surprise                $4.50

Perfect blend of guava, mango and orange juice

O.J. Sunrise                    $4.50

Orange juice with ice and grenadine

Summer Surprise              $4.50

Mega splash of ginger ale & orange juice

Rock Shandy

A twist of grapefruit, lemon with orange juice

Berry Fizzy                        $4.50

Sparkling apple pomegranate, or apple berry

Milk Shakes                       $5.00

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or mango

 Floats                               $4.00

A scoop of ice cream with your choice of soda




Basbousa (2)

Delicious homemade square made of almonds and coconuts.


Baklava (2)

Rich, sweet pastry made of phyllo pastry layers filled with nuts.



A lovely aromatic milk pudding made with almond and coconut.



Famous cheese pastry! Warmed to perfection and drizzled with syrup. Delicious!​


Om Ali

An exotic Egyptian dessert made with puff pastry, nuts and coconut.


daily desserts

Assorted selection of cake and pastries

Shamwa Cake                                         $4.99

   A moist chocolate cake with creamy maple pudding on top sprinkled with cocoa

 Double chocolate cake                          $4.99

   A decadent chocolate  cake with

      Nutella icing

 Basbousa Cream Cake                          $4.99

   A delicious coconut and almond cake with       homemade cream  on top!

Refreshing Beverages



Mango Juice             $2.75

Tropical and delicious!


 Guava Juice            $2.75

Refreshing & sweet!

Grapefruit Juice                 $2.75

Have a fruity fling once in a while

Lemonade                            $2.61

The classic summer drink

Apple Juice                         $2.61

An apple juice a day keeps the Dr. away!

Fresh Orange Juice             $2.75

Refreshing taste

 Cranberry Juice                   $2.61

Berry, berry good for you!

Vimto            $2.61

 sparkling fruit flavored drink

 Iced Tea                               $2.61

Satisfy your palate with this mouth cooler

 Perrier                                  $2.61

Sparkling water with a French twist

 Assorted  Sodas            $2.00

Pepsi, diet Pepsi, coke, diet coke,

orange crush, 7up, root beer, &

ginger ale.

 Near Beer                            $5.00

Non-alcoholic beer

AYRAN   (عيران )

 YOGURT DRINK                     $2.61

Some Like it Hot!


Freshly Brewed Coffee            $2.25

Turkish Coffee                        $2.75

French Coffee                         $3.00

Earl Grey Tea                         $3.00

Orange Pekoe Tea                $3.00

Green Tea                               $3.00

Peppermint Tea                     $3.00

Chamomile Tea                     $3.00

Rosemary Tea                        $3.00