Basbousa (2)

Delicious homemade square made of almonds and coconuts.


Baklava (2)

Rich, sweet pastry made of phyllo pastry layers filled with nuts.



A lovely aromatic milk pudding made with almond and coconut.



Famous cheese pastry! Warmed to perfection and drizzled with syrup. Delicious!​


Om Ali

An exotic Egyptian dessert made with puff pastry, nuts and coconut.


daily desserts

Assorted selection of cake and pastries

Shamwa Cake                                         $4.99

   A moist chocolate cake with creamy maple pudding on top sprinkled with cocoa

 Double chocolate cake                          $4.99

   A decadent chocolate  cake with

      Nutella icing

 Basbousa Cream Cake                          $4.99

   A delicious coconut and almond cake with       homemade cream  on top!



 Chef’s Surprise                $4.50

Perfect blend of guava, mango and orange juice

O.J. Sunrise                    $4.50

Orange juice with ice and grenadine

Summer Surprise              $4.50

Mega splash of ginger ale & orange juice

Rock Shandy

A twist of grapefruit, lemon with orange juice

Berry Fizzy                        $4.50

Sparkling apple pomegranate, or apple berry

Milk Shakes                       $5.00

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or mango

 Floats                               $4.00

A scoop of ice cream with your choice of soda



Some Like it Hot!


Freshly Brewed Coffee            $2.25

Turkish Coffee                        $2.75

French Coffee                         $3.00

Earl Grey Tea                         $3.00

Orange Pekoe Tea                $3.00

Green Tea                               $3.00

Peppermint Tea                     $3.00

Chamomile Tea                     $3.00

Rosemary Tea                        $3.00




Refreshing Beverages



Mango Juice             $2.75

Tropical and delicious!

 Guava Juice            $2.75

Refreshing & sweet!

Grapefruit Juice                 $2.75

Have a fruity fling once in a while

Lemonade                            $2.61

The classic summer drink

Apple Juice                         $2.61

An apple juice a day keeps the Dr. away!

Fresh Orange Juice             $2.75

Refreshing taste

 Cranberry Juice                   $2.61

Berry, berry good for you!

Vimto            $2.61

 sparkling fruit flavored drink

 Iced Tea                               $2.61

Satisfy your palate with this mouth cooler

 Perrier                                  $2.61

Sparkling water with a French twist

 Assorted  Sodas            $2.00

Pepsi, diet Pepsi, coke, diet coke,

orange crush, 7up, root beer, &

ginger ale.

 Near Beer                            $5.00

Non-alcoholic beer

AYRAN   (عيران )

 YOGURT DRINK                     $2.61

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