all breakfast served with Dark Roast Coffee & Teas

Continental Breakfast   $8.99

Bakery basket including croissant, roll and Danish or toast with butter, jam and honey.

Traditional English Breakfast     $11.99

Two free-range eggs prepared to your choice served with beef sausage, baked beans, and hash browns.

Oriental Breakfast        $11.99

Your choice of three items from feta cheese, hummus, Olives and foul medames(fava pens). Served with olives and pita bread, pickles 

Canadian Breakfast Wrap  $ 10.99

Scrambled free-range eggs, turkey bacon, and cheddar served with hash browns.

Bluenose Breakfast       $12.99

Two eggs any style with homemade crispy fish cake.

Served with homemade fries and toasted bread.

Breakfast Burritos     $12.99

Tortillas filled with your choice eggs, cheese, tuna, chicken or beef.Served with sour cream and salsa with homemade fries.

Omelet Station      $14.99
(minimum of 20 people)

Coffee – Decaffeinated Coffee & Juices

Eggs, diced tomatoes, mixed peppers, , sausages, bacon, onions, mushrooms, chives, Swiss and cheddar served with hash browns, fruits, and biscuits.


Smoked salmon & cream cheese    2.95 per person


Breakfast Boxes

Minimum order of 10 per variety
Choose three (3) items to make a box:
> Croissant
> Danish
> Mini Breakfast Sandwich
   (egg, cheese, or chicken)
> Mini Fruit Bowl
> Granola Bar
> Flavoured yogurt
Image by Dane Deaner
All boxes are served with jam, utensils, 
48 hours notice for breakfast boxes 
 Breakfast (1 )   $10.99 PER PERSON            ( Minimum of 10 people)
Assorted Chilled Juices
An assortment of Danishes, Muffins & Croissants/
. Fatayer (Pastry pies stuffed with meat, cheese, and spinach) baked in an oven. perfect finger food appetizers these regularly as an all-day snack 
Dark Roast Coffee & Teas
Breakfast (2)    $11.99 PER PERSON            ( Minimum of 10 people)
Assorted Chilled Juices     
fresh fruit tray 
An assortment of Danishes, Muffins & Croissants
Flavored Yogurts,
Preserves, Cream Cheese &  jamb, and butter 
Dark Roast Coffee & Teas
Breakfast (3)    $12.99 PER PERSON 
          ( Minimum of 10 people)
French toast, Bacon and Eggs . &  jamb, and butter   As well as coffee and Juices

À la Carte Breakfast Sides & Add-ons

Additional Choices:

Additional Choices:  per person 

Choice of side salad & Condiments      $2.99

(Choose between Garden, Fatouch,
Caesar & Greek salad, rice)

Gourmet muffins         -----------  $0.99

Gourmet Cookies         -----------  $0.99

Assorted Dessert tray   ------------ $2.75

granola bars                 -------------$1.75

fruit tray                     ---------------$2.99

flavored yogurt        -    ------------$1.99

baklava    1 piece       ---------------$1.75

Juice, soft drink         -------------   $1.99

Coffee                       ------------- -  $1.99

Tea                             ---------------$1.99

coffee tea croup over 30 people only $1.50 per person 

All sides are chosen daily based on

freshness and availability by our chef.

Please inquire about substitutions.


buffet (casual style).Appropriate eating and serving utensils,          per person  $1.00