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Wedding and Corporate Buffet

The prices below is per person with Minimum order of 25 per Menu

East Coast  $35.00 

 *Salmon fillet in a lemon dill runs with fresh cucumber and tomato salsa
  *Roasted Veggie  With Avocado Dressing
 *potato, and green bean salad
 *French baguette, and focaccia
 *fresh fruit platter small desserts



Middle Eastern Packages

Silver Package     $ 35.00

Choose 1 of  (Fatouch, Tabula or green salad )
Choose 2 of  (hummus, babaghanog or grape leaves)
Choose 2 of  (falafel, Fatayer (meat, cheese or spinach), kibbeh 
Choose 2 main of  (lamb kofta, chicken kofta kebab (if available), chicken shish taowq or beef shish kebab (any 2 skewers)
Choose rice: Kabsa rice, Mandi rice or plain rice
  Fresh fruit platter 
Gold Package:   $ 42.00
Choose 1 of  (Fatouch, Tabula or green salad)
Choose 3 of ( hummus, babaghanog or grape leaves)
Choose 3 of( falafel, Fatayer (meat, cheese or spinach), kibbeh 
Choose 3 of a main: lamb kofta kebab, chicken kofta kebab (if available), chicken shish taowq or beef shish kebab  or lamb chop, chicken breast  
Choose rice: Kabsa rice, Mandi rice or plain rice
Fresh fruit platter 


Traditional Middle Eastern Buffet $ 39.99
Cold appetizers; Hummus. Babaghanoge . Grape leaves  fatouch salad, Chili sauce Garlic sauce
Hot appetizers; Kebab and sambosa
Main course
, kebah labania maracon tajeen  , lamb mandi , Rice
Konafa, Basbosa, Omali


Greek BBQ  $32.99

-Souvlaki: chicken or lamb or veggie ( 2 skewers )
-Greek salad with olive oil and fresh oregano dressing
 -pita with tzatziki  and rice pilaf 
-assorted baklava. 
-fruit  platter 


The Italian favourite $32.99

Chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto
 and provolone penne primavera,
 spring vegetables in a tomato sauce sprinkled with parmesan cheese
 Italian green salad, fresh pepper, and red onion served with an oregano dressing
focaccia and ciabatta bread and butter
 fresh fruit platter 



The small town $42.99

Halibut fillet in a tarragon cream sauce 
 smoked tofu rice and tomato sauce
 orzo pasta in a lemon cream sauce with asparagus steamed green beans and almonds pacific rim salad with an apple cider vinaigrette assorted rolls and butter
 fresh fruit platter


The Chinatown $42.99

Lemon chicken baked with demerara sugar prawns,
 salmon brochette with spiced coconut milk
 Jasmine rice pilaf with the confetti of vegetable spring 
vegetable medley with fresh ginger and scallion
Asian lettuce salad with soy-sesame dressing crunchy
assorted rolls and butter  

The Crescent Beach   $49.99

Sirloin roast beef with horseradish and dijon mustard
salmon fillet poached in white wine and herb brown 
wild rice pilaf with a confetti of vegetables seasonal steamed vegetables
West coast salad, fresh strawberries, and almonds served with a poppy seed dressing 
assorted rolls and french baguette with butter
 fresh fruit platter small desserts
Prices are subject to change





Additions to any package:


Any extra skewer    $ 6.00

Lamb Chops            $7.00

Chicken Breast       $6.00

Lamb Shanks         $ 8.50

Choice of side salad &

condiments               $3.95

(Choose between Garden, Fatouch,
Caesar & Greek salad, rice)

Gourmet Cookies   $2.95

Assorted Dessert tray  $3.99

Coffee                     $2.50

Tea                          $2.50

Beverages                $ 2.5
(soft drinks, juice, coffee or tea)


Aditional dishes available 


Lamb Chops 
lamb chops seasoned with herbs and grilled to perfection.

Lamb Ribs 
Lamb ribs seasoned with oregano and red pepper.

Lamb Kebab 
Minced lamb with onion, garlic, peppers, and mixed herbs.

Chicken Chops
Seasoned with herbs and grilled to perfection.

Chicken Breast 
Fresh chicken breast seasoned with oregano and red pepper and then grilled to perfection.

Chicken Shish Taowq 
Chicken breast marinated with herbs, yogurt, and garlic.

Chicken Kebab
Minced chicken, onion, peppers, and mix herbs.

Top quality tenderloin steak served with your choice of sauce. 

Beef Shish Kebab 
Beef marinated in yogurt, garlic, and herbs.

Salmon Fish 
Fresh salmon fillet seasoned with garlic, rosemary, and olive oil.

Jumbo Shrimp (Seasonal)
Seasoned jumbo shrimp grilled to perfection.

Seasoned with herbs and grilled to perfection.

Seasoned with garlic, oregano, lemon, and olive oil and then grilled to perfection.

Traditional Dishes

Breaded Chicken in Garlic Lemon Sauce
Served with an oven roasted potato and rice vermicelli. 

Oven-Baked Lamp Chops
Lamb chops with a delicious breaded herb coating, baked to perfection with peas.

Moroccan Tagine (Lamb or Chicken)
Famous Moroccan dish; lamb or chicken with vegetables. 

Kabsa (Lamb or Chicken)
A Delicious blend of aromatic spiced rice bursting with flavor; topped with a chicken leg or lamb shank.  

Vegetarian Dishes

Ground chickpeas with vegetable and spices shaped into tasty balls and deep fried.

Red Lentil Kofta
Red lentil, cracked wheat, parsley, tomato paste, and herbs. 

Pumpkin Kebah
Two layers of ground pumpkin and cracked wheat seasoned with a center of pine nuts, walnuts, onions, and spices. Served with yogurt.

Portobello Mushrooms
Stuffed with spinach, parmesan & cream cheese, then baked to perfection. Served with ratatouille.

This famous French dish is typical of French farm cooking. Served as a main course or a side with a choice of grilled cheese on top (cheese not included in price).

Jacket Potato
Baked potato Stuffed with a light cheese sauce. Topped with creamed potato and re-baked to a golden brown.  

Bean Patties with Avocado Sauce
A wonderfully delicious meal with light parsley sauce.

Chicken Dishes

Oven Fried Chicken
A healthy alternative to fried chicken and it’s delicious. Comes with potatoes au gratin.

Roast Chicken & Tomato Sauce
Roasted chicken in our own fabulous sun-dried Italian tomato sauce (made with fresh herbs and plum tomatoes for an authentic Italian taste). This dish is served with broccoli. 

Lemon Chicken
This taste of the Orient is light and fresh, with just a hint of Oriental 5 spices and lemongrass. Comes with boiled rice. 

Greek Chicken 
Chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and spinach. This dish comes with a medley of glazed carrots & peas. 

Cinnamon-Baked Chicken 
This chicken dish is baked in a wonderful mix of onions, fresh tomatoes, cinnamon, lemon, olives, parsley, and a little cayenne pepper. Served with rice.

Middle Eastern Roast Chicken
The chicken is roasted on a bed of aromatic herbs and oranges, to infuse the chicken to create a rich full flavor. Served with couscous. 

Baked Chicken Breast with fresh Basil
Plump chicken breast covered with yogurt, basil, bread crumbs, and parmesan cheese. Served with glazed carrots.

Tandoori Chicken
Chicken breast or leg marinated in a mild Asian spice to create a wonderfully flavorful meal.

Lamb Dishes

Roast Lamb 
Marinated overnight with a variety of herbs. This dish comes with parsley sauce, gravy, peas, carrots, and potatoes au gratin. Truly wonderful.

Lamb Tikka
Succulent cubes of lamb marinated in a fine mix of mild Asian spices. This dish is mild yet flavourful and comes with coconut rice.

Lamb Shanks
Slow-roasted lamb shanks with garlic and rosemary.  Served with rice or vegetables. 

Beef Dishes

Striploin Steak with Mango-Peach Salsa
Grilled top grade striploin steaks dressed with a mango-peach salsa. Comes with glazed carrots and peas.

Beef Tenderloin and Mushrooms in Garlic Butter Sauce
Tenderloin beef dressed with a delicious chef-prepared sauce. Served with spinach sautée.

Meat Loaf
Made with lean ground beef.  This very popular dish comes with Lyonnais potatoes, a medley of carrots & peas and a rich brown gravy.

Fish Dishes

Lemon Garlic Fish
This lemon fish dish is marinated in a lovely mix of lime, lemon, garlic, thyme, and cloves, then grilled over charcoal. Comes with rice.

Fish in a Sun-dried Tomato Sauce
There is no taste like sun-dried tomatoes and that’s the reason for our unique tomato sauce that goes so well with this fish dish.

BBQ Salmon (4oz)

Our own special BBQ sauce is drizzled on top of the salmon and then grilled. Comes with mashed sweet potatoes. 

Shrimp Casserole with Vegetables in Tomato Sauce
Comes with rice.

Lightly grilled in olive oil. This dish comes with our own fabulous garlic lemon salsa accompanied by rice or pasta.

Grilled Shrimp
So many people love grilled shrimp and there are so many ways to prepare it. We thought it might be interesting to serve this with a light parsley sauce – so we do! This dish comes with broccoli.

Upside-down Salmon and Rice
Don’t miss this lovely oriental fish dish.  Served with yogurt cucumber salad.  

Salmon Patties
Wonderfully delicious with a light parsley sauce.


Pasta Dishes

Layers of fresh pasta topped with a light cheese sauce. This dish is made with chicken, beef or vegetables.  

Chicken Picatta
Strips of chicken breast marinated in lemon butter served with a creamy béchamel sauce. A great healthy choice. We also include a little extra of our own signature tomato sauce for those who just can’t resist!  

Seafood Pasta
An assortment of seafood served with a tasty blend of ripe tomatoes and spaghetti. 

Stew Dishes

Vegetable Chicken Curry

Lamb Stew with Vegetable

Beef and Potato Stew

Oriental Beef Stir Fry

Chicken Stroganoff

Shrimp Stew


  • Caesar Salad

  • Potato Salad

  • Mixed Seasonal Greens

  • Waldorf Salad

  • Caesar Salad

  • Salad Nicoise

  • Fresh Seasonal Greens

  • Medley of Prawns and Smoked Salmon

  • Potato Salad

  • Seasonal Greens

  • Tuna with Rice

  • Prawn and Smoked Salad

  • Cole Slaw

  • Mirror of Assorted Cold Cuts

  • Avocado in Chicken Mayo

  • Tuna and Cucumber

  • Sweet Corn Salad

  • Mirror of Assorted Cold Cuts

  • Smoked Salmon Mousse

  • Egg Mimosa in Herbs Mayonnaise

  • Apple Pie

  • Black Forest Gateau

  • Fresh Fruit Salad


  • Assorted French Pastries

  • Cream Caramel

  • Chocolate Mousse

  • Assorted French Pastries

  • Cream Caramel

  • Chocolate Mousse


  • Soup of the day

  • Cream of chicken or mushroom:  A delicious creamy soup with chicken or mushroom

  • Minestrone with pesto:  basil, garlic, olives oil, onion, carrot, cabbage, green beans, and parmesan cheese

  • Artichoke bean soup:  carrot, artichoke, lima beans, onion, and freshly ground pepper

  • Chicken corn soup:  chicken, corn, parsley, pepper, and onion

  • Pumpkin apple soup:  pumpkin, apple, nutmeg, celery, onion, and garlic

  • Lentil soup:  pure red lentil, onion, and spices

  • A lot of variety available.  Ask Chef for more …

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