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Continental Breakfast                                                                                           10.99

Bakery basket including croissant, roll, and Danish or toast with butter, jam, and honey.

Traditional English Breakfast                                                                              10.99

Two free-range eggs prepared to your choice. Served with turkey bacon, baked beans, and hash browns.

Oriental Breakfast                                                                                                 12..99

Your choice of three items from feta cheese, hummus, labneh, and ful medames. Served with olives and pita bread.

Canadian Breakfast Wrap                                                                                      9.99
Scrambled free-range eggs, turkey bacon, and cheddar served with hash browns.

Bluenose Breakfast                                                                                              12.99
Two eggs any style with homemade crispy fish cake.

Served with homemade fries and toasted bread.

Breakfast Burritos                                                                                                  10.99
Tortillas filled with your choice of eggs, cheese, tuna, chicken or beef. Served with sour cream and salsa with homemade fries.


Omelet Station                                                                                                     $14.99
(minimum of 20 people)


Coffee – Decaffeinated Coffee & Juices

Eggs, diced tomatoes, mixed peppers, sausages, bacon, onions, mushrooms, chives, Swiss, and cheddar served with hash browns, fruit, bread, and biscuits.



Smoked salmon & cream cheese 2.95 per person

First Star                                                                                                            10.99
Delicious freshly made omelets with your choice of the following;   

   - Western style omelets

  • Greek omelets

  • Veggie omelets

  • Cheese omelets




À la Carte Breakfast Sides & Add-ons


Fruit tray                                         2.75

Whole Fruit                                    1.50

Yogurt                                             1.95

Granola Bars                                  1.50

Danish pastries or Muffins           2.25

Bagels, cream cheese, butter & jelly 2.25

Biscuits, butter & jellies                 0.95

Juices                                               1.95

Coffee or Decaffeinated Coffee    1.95

Assorted filled croissants              3.75

Pancake & Maple Syrup                2.25

Assorted Soft Drinks & Waters    1.95


All prices on packages are per person and based on a minimum of 10 people per order. Please add 2.50 per person for smaller groups.

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