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Daily Specials

Monday: Kebbeh Kasabia (Syria)

  • A combination of ground beef with cracked wheat, red pepper, spices, and olive oil, grilled and served in a tomato sauce topped with peppers, onion, and tomatoes. Served with rice or salad. $17.50


Tuesday: Musakhan (Palestine) 

  • A classic Palestinian dish made of sauteed chicken, onions, and sumac, wrapped up in markouk bread and grilled to perfection. Topped with pine nuts and yogurt sauce. $17.50


Wednesday: Lamb Couscous (Morocco)

  • A delicious dish of couscous (a North African pasta-like grain) topped with steamed vegetables and lamb flavoured with a blend of aromatic Moroccan spices. $18.50

Thursday: Manti (Turkey)

  • A traditional dish from Turkey that features doughy shells with ground meat topped with three sauces: caramelized tomato, brown butter sauce, and garlic mint yogurt sauce. Served with rice. $17.50

Friday: Samaka Hara (Lebanon)

  • Fried haddock topped with tahini sauce, diced tomatoes, onions, and parsley. Served with garlic parsley-roasted hash browns and Mediterranean salad or rice. $17.50


Saturday: Oozy (Syria)

  • Oozy is a traditional Syrian dish of rice, vegetables, and ground meat wrapped in a pastry sheet and baked to perfection! Served with yogurt salad. $17.50


Sunday: Kobeda Kebab (Persia)

  • Deliciously flavoured minced lamb marinated with onion, peppers, and mixed spices on a bed of saffron rice. Served with kobeda bread and salad. $17.50


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